All pets entering VO and staying at least overnight are to be registered on arrival.  Upon proof of vaccination as required by AZ. law and payment of the registration fee, a tag will be issued and is to be attached to a collar or harness to be worn by the pet.

Pets do not require registration if they do not stay overnight at V.O. but must remain on the lot they are visiting.  If guests wish to register their pets in order to use the Pet Walk, they will be permitted to do so upon proof of vaccination and payment of appropriate fee.

No more that two (2) pets are permitted per lot.

Pets must be controlled by a leash no more than five feet (5') long when walking on Common Elements and pets are not permitted to run loose except when in the Pet Walk.

Pets are not permitted in or on the following areas:  The Community Center and adjacent grounds
                                                                                                All grounds designated for recreational activities
                                                                                                All grassed areas except the Pet Walk
                                                                                                The Administration Building and adjacent grounds

Pets which continually bark or howl or exhibit aggressive behavior will not be allowed to remain in V.O.

Feeding stray animals is not permitted in V.O.

Pet enclosures may be permitted on a resident's property.  A temporary pet enclosure is not intended to be a substitute for the use of the Pet Walk.  Complaints of neglected, unattended, noisy animals or unclean situations may result in revocation of permission to have or use a pet enclosure.

A pet may be kept in a temporary enclosure on the owner's property while the owner or responsible party is physically present on the owner's property.

The owner/responsible party, must pick up any dung/poop of the animal immediately and clean up any urine/residue on surfaces to avoid odor.

A Pet enclosure must meet the following requirements: 
     It is a commercially manufactured temporary enclosure suitable for the purpose of preventing escape of pets.  An enclosed patio and/or deck may be used.
    It must be easily removed and portable.
    It must be no higher than a height of thirty-six inches (36")
    Any obstacle on your property becomes your liability.  You are responsible for potential injury.
    The enclosure must be removed when pet owner/responsible party leaves the park for more than a two day period.


1.  Enter the Pet Walk at the Entrance Gate closest to Broadway.
    Exit the Pet Walk at the Exit Gate closest to the back of the 300 block of Aero lots.
    The reason for this is to keep the strong odor away from the back of the Aero residences.  Also, by using the correct entrance/exit, the pets continue to flow and avoid a pet in/out issue.

2.  Always pick up after your pet as soon as possible.  Do not bury any dog feces.  Use a bag to pick up and dispose of the waste.

3.  There are bags provided at the entrance and exit of the Pet walk.  The bags in the plastic containers are clean and there for you to use.  Once the bags are used, place them in the garbage containers in the ground. PLEASE, DO NOT put them back in the clean bag container.

4.  Please feel free to use the chairs provided to relax, visit with other pet owners and enjoy our wonderful Pet Walk.  There are 2 separate fenced areas, either can be

5.  If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please make sure to attend the monthly Pet association meetings.  They are held the second Tuesday of each month
     November through March at 2:30 pm in the Cabana at the EPC.  Postings will be hung at the Pet walk and the pet association Clip board in the Post office area to remind
    Also, feel free to contact your Pet Association Executive Board Members.  They are:
                            President:    Chris Johnson    480-622-4171
                            Vice Pres.:    Linda Danner    503-307-6098
                            Secretary:     Julie Jenniges    507-358-1709
                            Treasurer:    Bill Lees              406-370-3643

Make sure to have the necessary supplies with you in case your pet cannot make it to the Pet walk:
    -a bag to pick up any droppings
    -tissue or paper towels to clean all droppings off the street
    -water to flush any mess your pet makes.