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Pet Association Minutes March 1, 2016

     Pet Association Minutes
                                                                                         March 1, 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The meeting was called to order by President Pat Murphy at 3:45 pm.  Pat greeted the 48 members present and reminded all of meeting protocol.  Board members present were Pat Murphy, Chris Voltz and Elko Kroon.

       The February minutes were read and approved. (Kris Knox, Norma Pavley)
      Condo members Warren Lee and Bruce Johnson and Infrastructure Committee Member Gordy Klofstad were in attendance at the meeting to answer concerns Pet Association Members have been expressing about the future of the Pet Walk.  They explained that changes will be coming, but there is no timeline in place at this time.  Everything will have to be budgeted and approved before the plan can be carried out.  The Pet walk will be lowered to 20 feet to allow for water flow.  This is a 2 foot drop from what we have.  The current steps will be continued down into the bottom of the area.  The plan is in three phases.  Phases I.  The southwest corner wall near the Pet Memorial will be lowered to allow for water flow.  This area will be approximately 50 feet in each direction from the corner.  A pump will be installed that will empty the area in 36 hours or less.  Phase II-will lower Grumman and Helio streets.  This will virtually eliminate all of the flooding that is taking place at this time.  The total cost of this project is 1.1 million dollars.  The Condo Board has built $43,000 into their proposed budget to get the project off the ground.  $20,000 would be used to get a pump that would turn on automatically when a certain amount of water inters the area.   Again, there is no timeline established on this project.  It is all budget driven.  Members were encouraged to ask questions and to take part in the Holtzman survey which will be coming out shortly. 

      Following this presentation Joe Paltzat and Elko provided information on the black dust that is such a concern this year.  They looked into getting a machine that would vacuum up the dust.  It would need to be purchased, stored and maintained over the years.  Pet Association Members would need to learn how to use it.  Membe Wilf Lund cautioned the group on entering into this arrangement.  He reminded us that the machine would need to be used 12 months out of the year.  He has worked with this kind of arrangement in the past and has found it not as successful and hoped.  The consensus of opinion by the presenters and those present was to work with the current maintenance staff and their equipment.  They have been very willing to work with us in the past.  Perhaps a cleaning protocol could be put together and Rick can work with his staff in carrying it out.  One of the members suggested that it would be much more effective to catch the black dirt before it enters the pond.  He has had some experience in using straw bales, cloth netting gravel, grass ares prior to the water entering the cement chutes.  Board members were very open in working with him to look into what can be done.

      Pat and Chris reported that board members are working on next hear's budget.  The price of the home tour will be raised to $17.00 for the 2017 tour.  

Committee Reports:

      Home Tour:  Chris Johnson reported that the tour had gone well.  A total of $1,440 was turned into the Social Board.  expenses for the tour were $69.00 
      which is much less than budgeted. 
      End of the year party - Judy Luther was at the meeting selling tickets.  73 have been sold at this time.  Check the bulletin board in the Pet Walk and the clip 
      board in the post office hall for detailed information.
       Pet Association Shirts:  Norma has 12 orders so she will get them ordered b the end of next week

       Safety items:  Nancy reported that items are still selling however demand has slowed down.

President's Report:

       Pat has met with Teresa about concerns we have with fundraising.  It is possible we may get one more ice cream event in the form of root beer floats by the pool in November next year.  Teresa will also work at getting the Fuddruckers events scheduled on a consistent day of the week.  (not a Tuesday) next year. 

       There have been several reports of people walking their dog in the Happy Landings area. (the RV Park).  People are not allowed to bring dogs with them into Happy Landings and no pet owners should be allowing their pets to use the area as a bathroom.  This is also true of the grassed areas along Aztec.

       Pat thanked everyone for all the support she has received as President of the Pet Association.  She will continue to be an active member of the group

New Business:

        President Pat Murphy entertained a motion to accept the by-law additions as presented at the February meeting.  (Norma Pavely and Kris Know) motion passed unanimously. 

       President Pat Murphy presented the names of Chris Johnson and Judy Waters as nominees for the two vacancies of the board.  A motion was made by Nancy W. and 2nd by Leah Mosher to accept these nominees.  They were elected by unanimous vote.  Chris accepted the position.  Judy was unable to attend the meeting but sent a acceptance letter which was read to the group. 

        Pat Murphy introduced the names of people who do not have pets but would like to join or continue to belong to the Pet Association.  According to the by-laws a vote must be taken to include these people as members.  Unanimously approved for membership were Nancy Welykholowa, Marilyn Orlob, Dave and Judy Perron, and Susan Martin.  (Motion by Norma 2nd by Kathy.)  We are glad to have these people as part of our Association.


       Clarence East of 210 Aztec volunteers at the Arizona Humane Society.  He was present to ask members to drop off items at his house.  He will take them to
       the center when he goes to work.  Items needed:  pet food, blankets, beds, cages, towels, toys, treats etc.
       Leah Mosher shared information on a painting class she had taken to paint a picture of her dog Betty.  It is a fun evening and the painting Leah shared was 

       Wilf Lund was present with his cookie jar for PICK.  He will be at the end of the year party as well.  It takes $200 to send a PICK child to camp.  We set that
       as our goal. ( Following the end of the year party Wilf reported that we had raised just over the $200 we had hope to raise.)  One more child will be going to 
       camp thanks to our generosity.

       Chris Voltz reported that the Pet Association Web site is up and available to people.  It needs a lot of work, but we have a start.  wwwvopetasssoc.com.  There 
       is also a link on the Venture Our Website. 

       Our Club Liaison Elaine Baum reported that we are doing a fine job of fundraising and should be proud of the work we do for the Social Board.

Meeting Adjourned 5:15 PM
Respectfully submitted by
Christine Volz, 2014- 2015 Secretary
Read by: Judy Waters 2015-2016 Secretary