Pet Assoc. General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2017


Meeting called to order at 3:55 pm.


Board Members present: Vice Pres.- Chris Johnson, Treasurer- Bill Lees, Volunteer Coordinator-Chris Volz, Facilities Manager-Wilf Lund


Chris Johnson read the January 3 meeting minutes.  The minutes were accepted as read.


Bill Lees gave the Treasurers’ report:

  1. 2016-2017 Budget has been submitted

  2. We have reached 69% of our revenue and 96% of our income

  3. $1632.00 from the Home & Art Tour not reflected in these percentages


Committee Reports:

  1. Chris Volz gave us info on the End of Year Party.  There are 3 food options: $15 for all catered, $5 for meet and the rest potluck, $3 for all potluck.  All present were asked to vote on which one they would like.

  2. Norma Pavely gave report on club shirts available

  3. Chris Volz asked for Volunteers to form a committee for the upcoming parade on Saturday, March 18th.  This year’s theme is Seymour’s adventures.

  4. Chris also asked for volunteers to take over next year’s Home & Art Tour with Chris Johnson’s help.


President’s report:

Chris Johnson filling in for Pres. Forrest Simmons informed the members present that we are getting complaints from residents about pets urinating and pooping on their property.  It was once again urged, that owners please carry water and a poop bag if you are planning on walking your dog anywhere other than the pet walk.  When you are at the Pet Walk be sure to pick up after your pets.  There have been numerous incidences of pets not being picked up after.  Tim Roberts interjected that if we don’t get a handle on this it’s going to escalate and we may lose our rights as pet owners to have pets here in the park.  Jane Webb suggested that we form a committee to act as a Welcome Wagon from the Pet Assoc. to greet newcomers and give them info on rules and where the pet walk is located and so forth.  Jane Webb said she would head up that committee if we chose to do so. (Great idea) Rich Kantak, offered to go to Admin with one of the Pet Assoc. Officers to meet with Mary and see what we can do so that we may be notified when newcomers with pets enter the park.  All of this will be followed up on.


New Business:

  1. Friday, Feb. 24th is our fundraiser with Zappones from lunch through dinner.  We will get a return of %15 including drinks and alcohol of each bill that has a VO flyer presented. Tim Roberts suggested with it being a Friday to call and make reservations.

  2. Wednesday, Feb. 15th is our Fuddrucker’s fundraiser.  Dinner only, 10% return not including drinks with VO flyer.

  3. Forrest is looking into a spot on Channel 17 to give out info for pets.





  1. The Memorial Board is finished, we are still working out charge for a 3 inch plate with a three line max.  More info at March mtg.

  2. Friday, Feb. 24th @ 1:00 in Auxillary Ballroom there will be Holistic Energy Healer for Pets.  All are welcome to come and learn some new ways of healing without medications.

  3. There is an owl after dark at the Pet Walk that has swooped down on a couple of pets, be aware of where your pet is at all times.  Small dogs could be dinner.


Wilf Lund asked that we replace the brooms in the Pet Walk with better brooms.  Perhaps push brooms.  Rich Kantak said he would be more than happy to use a push broom the total length of the Pet Walk Side Walk. Then he would return it back to the entrance area.


Bill Luther motioned that the meeting adjourn.


Meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm

Pet Assoc,
Jul 6, 2016, 4:12 PM