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8.         Registration and Control of Pets


8.1       All Pets entering the Property and staying at least overnight, shall be registered upon arrival. Upon proof of vaccination as required by Arizona law and payment of a registration fee, a tag will be issued and is to be attached to a collar or harness to be worn by the Pet.


8.2       Pets do not require registration if they do not stay overnight on the Property but must remain  on the Lot they are visiting. If Guests wish to register their Pets in order to use the dog  walk,  they  will  be  permitted  to  do  so  upon  proof  of  vaccination  and payment of appropriate fee.


8.3       No more than two (2) Pets are permitted per Lot.


8.4       Pets must be controlled by a leash no more than five feet (5') long when walking on Common Elements, and Pets shall not be permitted to run loose except when in the designated exercise area.


8.5       Pets shall not be permitted in or on the following areas:

            8.5.1    The Community Center and adjacent ground.

            8.5.2    All grounds designated for recreational activities.

            8.5.3    All grassed areas, except the Pet exercise area.

            8.5.4    The Flagpole Area.

            8.5.5    The Administration Building and adjacent grounds.

            8.6       Pet droppings (dung) must be picked up by the Pet Owner and placed in a proper container for waste, or as provided in the Pet exercise area. It is not to be buried anywhere on the Property.

            8.7       Pets which continually bark or howl, or exhibit aggressive behavior, will not be allowed to remain on the property.

            8.8       Feeding of stray animals is not permitted on the Property.

            8.9.1    Pet enclosures may be permitted on a resident’s property.  A temporary pet enclosure is not intended to be a substitute for the use of the Pet Walk.  (Complaints of neglected, unattended, noisy animals or unclean situations may result in revocation of permission to have or use a pet enclosure.)

                        A pet may be kept in a temporary pet enclosure on the owner’s property while the owner/responsible party is physically present on the owner’s property.

                        The owner/responsible party must pick up any dung/poop of the animal immediately and clean up any urine/residue on surfaces to avoid stain.

                        A pet enclosure must meet the following requirements.

            8.9.2    It is commercially, manufactured temporary enclosure suitable for the purpose of preventing escape of pets. An enclosed Patio and/or Deck may be used.

            8.9.3    It must be easily removed and portable.

            8.9.4    It must be no higher than a height of thirty-six inches (36”).

            8.9.5    Beware; any obstacle on your property becomes your liability. Therefore, you are responsible for potential injury.

            8.9.6    The enclosure must be removed when the owner/responsible party leaves the park for more than two-day period.    Amended 03.20.14  

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Christine Volz,
Mar 23, 2016, 1:26 PM